Giuseppe is an interdisciplinary artist inspired by nature and sound. Devoted to Water Issue.The purpose of his research is to make art, sustainability and spirituality coexist. A 2007 Webby Award winner, alongside Beastie Boys, David Bowie, YouTube founders, thanks to the ecological web project “Mono no Aware”. In 2008 he collaborates with Ryuichy Sakamoto and Christian Fennesz in the tour ‘Cendre’, culminated with the show at Ground Zero, New York. In 2010 he gives life, to “Afleur”, a live show which he also illustrates in a very particular and ecological object-book, that in 2011 is part of Digitalife2 art exhibition, between the works of Marina Abramovic, Christian Marclay, Carsten Nicolai, Ryoichi Kurokawa and many other contemporary artists.

In 2011, with the participation of more than 600 people, he stages an impressive tree in Piazza Duomo (Milan) in order to raise public awareness of the problem of pollution. In 2012 the video ‘Hana no ame’ with Ryuichi Sakamoto composer for “Kizuna World” project to raise donation for Japan Earthquake victims. In 2014 his digital manipulation were exhibit in ‘Tate Loud Collective’, in Tate Britain.In 2015, his artwork ‘Migrants’ was digitally displayed at Louvre, Exposure Award. In the same year in October the artist present at Triennale a Milano “Sublimis”, his interdisciplinary project related with Humans and Water, developed in collaboration with eminent international scientists and artists, as Ryuichi Sakamoto who create the indent music composition “Shizen no Koe”. The preview of the same project was presented also in Seaport Museum, New York, in 2016. Always in 2016 he had his exhibition ”Underwater” at Ecomuseo del Mare, Palermo.

In 2017 he presents the project “In a Changing Sea” at Mia Fair to raise public awareness of the environmental issue of marine pollution. In 2017 his water interact installation ‘Shizen no Koe’ was part of “Festival for the Earth”at Museum Oceanographic of Monaco in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II. In 2018 he presents “Fluctus” an huge plastic wave in Milazzo and Palermo (Manifesta 12 collateral) and his work is part of “Re-Use” between the works of Man Ray, Duchamp, Manzoni, Christo, Pistoletto, Penone, Tony Cragg, Damien Hirst. Now he lives and works in Milan. The exclusive use of natural elements (water in the first place) positions him as one of the Italian artists most sensitive to environmental issues. One of his peculiar characteristics is the ability to translate communication needs and raw ideas into 360° creative projects, making skilful use of all the different media available today. He’s member of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (New York).

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Paris Photo OFF | 09.11 to 11.11.2018 | Galerie Joseph Turenne • Paris (FRA) (group)

Etherea | 08.11 to 16.11.2018 | Mediateca Santa Caterina • Milano (ITA) (group)

In a Changing Sea | 27.10.2018 to 10.02.2019 | Museo Casa Robegan – Treviso Ricerca Arte • Treviso (ITA) (group)

Mare Nero In a Changing sea | 25.10 to 04.11.2018 | Festival della Scienza – Fai + AmyD Gallery • Genova (ITA) (group)

Fluctus | 25.10 to 04.11.2018 | Santa Maria dello Spasimo – I Design Manifesta12 collateral • Palermo (ITA) (group)

Natura Mirabilis | 24.08 to 30.09.2018 | Luisa Catucci Gallery • Berlin (GER) (group)

Fluctus | 02.08 to 02.09.2018 | Duomo Antico • Milazzo (ITA) (solo)

Wave | 16.07 to 22.07.2018 | Voies Off Festival – Imagenation • Arles (FRA) (group)

Fall | 06.06 to 10.06.2018 | Paratissima Art Fair – Imagenation • Milano (ITA) (group)

Wave | 11.05 to 13.05.2018 | International Photo Exposition – Imagenation • Paris (FRA) (group)

Various Artworks | 09.03 to 12.03.2018 | Mia Fair Milano – Luisa Catucci Gallery • Berlin (GER) (group)

Mare Nero | 02.02 to 19.02.2018 | Palazzo Muzio – Fai + AmyD Gallery • Sondrio (ITA) (solo)

Shizen no Koe | 11.11.2017 | Museum Oceanographic in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II • Monaco (FRA)

In a Changing sea | 10.11 to 11.11.2017 | Museum Oceanographic – NM Contemporary Gallery (double solo) • Monaco (FRA)

In a Changing sea | 09.03 to 12.03.2017 | Mia Fair Milano – AmyD Gallery • Milano (ITA) (solo)

La luna e il mare | 13.07 to 31.08.2017 | Luisa Catucci Gallery – Berlin (GER) (double solo)

Mare Sopra Mare Sotto | 26.05 to 26.05.2017 | Acquario Civico • Milano (ITA) (group)

Artists4Whale | 2.06 to 18.06.2017 | Forte Santa Tecla • Sanremo (ITA) (group)

Underwater | 17.05 to 29.05.2016 | Eco Museo del Mare • Palermo (ITA) (solo)

Sublimis Preview | 25.04.2016 | South Street SeaPort Museum • New York (USA) (solo)

Ab Origine | 10.02 to 15.04.2016 | Porto4 • Marghera (ITA) (solo)

Sublimis | 19.10 to 28.10.2015 | Triennale Museum • Milan (ITA) (solo)

Exposure Award | 13.07.2015 | Louvre • Paris (FRA) (group)

Tate Loud Collective | 8.11.2014 | Tate Britain • London (UK) (group)

Between VISUAL and SPATIAL | 10.2 to 11.2.2012 | • Tokyo (JAP) (group)

Underwater | 3.12.2011 to 31.3.2012 | 7.24×0.26 Gallery • Milano Italy (ITA) (solo)

Digital Life 2 | 26.10 to 11.12 2011 | Ex Gil – Roma Italy (ITA) (group)

Sicily goes by | 1.10 to 31.10 2007 | Trump Taj Mahal – Atlantic City (USA) (solo)




“I have made a lifetime commitment, devoting my life to Water.”

“Ho preso un impegno per tutta la vita, dedicare la mia vita all’acqua.”


“Water is a moment of suspension,

a suspension between ancestral dualisms,

light and darkness, visible and invisible,

in the flow of this eternal movement that is life.”

“L’acqua è un momento di sospensione,

una sospensione tra dualismi ancestrali,

la vita e la morte, la luce e l’oscurità,

il visibile e l’invisibile, nel fluire di questo eterno

movimento che è la vita.“


“We are turning into plastic, within, and the way we think alike.

Endless plastic in the seas are generating the embryo of the future.”

“Stiamo diventando plastica, nel cuore, nel modo di pensare.

Quintali di plastica nei mari stanno generando l’embrione del futuro.”